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SUSENGO Plush Toy Cartoon Cute Duck Dolls

SKU: SPT0100

SUSENGO Plush Toy Cartoon Cute Duck Dolls is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Soft and fresh dolls, let people look at the mood, soothing and calm, warm heart.
Purify the soul, give people a sense of enlightenment.
Doll details are vivid, lifelike, cure the potential loneliness, confusion, reduce some faint sadness, let people see the beauty and warmth of life.
Soft body elastic material, filled with down cotton doll
Custom fabric, good texture, soft and comfortable,
High-quality plush toys
Feel good, stretchy enough to have a large stretch, not easy to wrinkle, good recovery and other characteristics.
Can adapt to the needs of various parts of the body bending, light and beautiful, soft, comfortable and breathable.
Conveying fun to let love pass
Each plush toy has a unique meaning
It has an optimistic attitude towards life, the
Naughty and cute cute expressions.
With soft and comfortable toys, accompanied by large and small friends
Keep the heart of a child, find the value of self-pleasure and self-affirmation.
Let the ordinary and boring life, more a sprout of vitality.

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