Thank you for your interest in becoming our official stockist. SuSenGo.com is the official online store for Outdoor Toy and Puzzle Toys and the manufacturer of Lighatiling and Briksmax- the light kits for Lego Building Blocks.

Become Susengo resellers condition :

1.An online store or local store.

2. A great sale apartment and customer service team.

3. The distributor must be fully registered as a business in your country/region and must maintain all registrations and permits by the requirements of the local government.

4. Resellers can't sell our product through Amazon.com or Aliexpress.com /ebay.com.


Become Susengo reseller Features:

1. We offer the widest selection of modular lighting products on the market.

2. We have a strong team include the design department, production department, sales department, factory, logistics supply chain.

3. We offer reasonable prices and marketing help to sell the product.

4. We provide our customers two-year after-sales service guarantee.

5. We offer resellers our latest feature product to their customer.

If you are interested in learning more about the growth opportunities associated with becoming a reseller of Susengo products, please send us a message via our contact form summarizing your business history and plans, adding links to your online store and any social media presence, and also how your company embodies the characteristics above.

Thanks in advance for your time and cooperation with us.




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