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Airship Bubble Wand

Airship Bubble Wand

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Brand:  Tinleon
  • 1.Superior durability, safe material - Airship Air Blower Bubble Wand is made of strong, high-quality materials which will prove to be durable and long-lasting - so you can buy it once and enjoy it for years. Simple operation, just put the bubble fluid (included) and turn on the power (excluding batteries).
  • 2.Fast Bubble Generating -- Large high-velocity fan with a High-performance rotor rotating at speed of 20-30 rpm helps to generate thousands of bubbles per minute, running stably and reliably. while producing a lot of bubbles, the light and music is indispensable. Magic Bubble Wand is an ideal toy used indoor and outdoor.
  • 3. Support & easy to clean - for your absolute satisfaction, we are proud of offering a lifetime of customer support with our Ice Magic Bubble Wand for Fidgets. Please contact us if you have any problems. It is simple to clean, just pour the bubble liquid away, and wipe it with a cloth.
  • 4.Various occasions -Airship Air Blower Bubble Wand creates a dreamy atmosphere for fidgets to have a fun time. Place it in the yard, park, and even indoors for festive fun. Let the child and puppies feel excited and make everyone become a child again.
  • 5.Parents' assistant: When plays the Airship Air Blower Bubble Wand, it can light and sing. The cute design of the Airship Air Blower Bubble Wand attracts your kids to have a fun time, either you are. Besides, it can take beautiful photos with Airship Air Blower Bubble Wand.

Package Dimensions:  9.45 * 6.89 * 3.15 inches

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